Project Details

Film is a medium that can travel across boundaries of culture, economics and language. For those reasons, we believe in the compelling power of cinema to change lives, behavior and thinking.

Our reasons for tackling this subject matter include our desire to help the most people possible with a story about characters who transform adversity and discover the beauty of second chances.

Influences include Central Station, Rachel Getting Married, Frozen River and Winter’s Bone. These are similar budget films and stories about overcoming adversity; a crucial message for our current times.

Isabella and Lucy is a film that can shed light on family crisis matters that are not usually dealt with in today′s genre films, that′s why our market goes worldwide.

Around the world, nearly all people have endured crisis points and transformations in their lives from tragedy, or know someone that is going through a similar situation.

This film will be a tool to help families work out their grief and to move forward; and to help them find options on how they can solve any kind of problem, as well as to be grateful with their lives as they are.